Start-up meeting SKREI

21 January 2022

In the autumn of 2021 SKREI received funding in the national budget. On Friday 21 January, the first official start-up meeting SKREI was held in Kabelvåg.

To the site were the steering group for SKREI, LPO‘s project team (architects), Expology (exhibition developers), SKREI Eiendom, Mayor of Vågan municipality and Museum Nord.

-It is important that we tell the story about the coast and the fish. Norway is a country built thanks to the sea. That story hasn’t been told. It’s a story about North Norway, but it’s also a story about Norway. This must be communicated to a whole world, then Minister of Culture and EqualityAbid Raja told NRK in connection with the opening of the new national Hurtigruten Museum in Vesterålen.

Folk i en utstilling
SKREI interior. Foto: LPO arkitekter

The thorough work to establish and finance SKREI has succeeded. Now we roll up our sleeves and get on with the real job. Preparations have been going on for many years – yet this is a kind of historical start-up meeting for SKREI what will become a national museum of cod and coastal culture. SKREI aims to spread knowledge and provide memorable experiences for many, and create lasting value.

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SKREI – National Museum of cod

A new national museum and experience centre

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