Cultural Programme 2022

01 March 2022

Wondering what we can offer this year? Lectures, festivals, winter holiday activities, theatre, Christmas workshops and much more! Explore our cultural programme 2022.

Throughout the year there are a lot of different things going on around our museums. Below you can take a closer look at what we currently have on the block for 2022. Individual events with more details will be posted under Events. Subject to changes to the program.


Book launch “Sami past in Lofoten”:

21 February at 19: Lecture with Knut Werner Hagen “General Fleischer and the battles for Narvik in 1940” at Sortland Museum.

February 23-27 The Northern Lights Festival – Winter party in Andøy at andøymuseet.


3. and 4 March at 14-16: Arctic Kids event at Narvik Museum

March 13 Family day at the Lofoten Aquarium, Espolin Gallery and the Lofoten Museum

March 15-16 School performance “Music in the Farm” at Melbo Manor

16 March Festaften/The radical gymnasium at Sortland Museum

18-27 March Winter party at Narvik Museum

24 and 25 March Lofoten fishing days on Å

March 30 Lecture with Ole Martin Rønning “First in the North – The Labor Movement in North Norway” at Sortland Museum.

Lecture with Knut Werner Hagen “General Fleischer and the battle for Narvik in 1940” at Melbo Manor. Date’s coming.


1-3 April Course with Tone Elvebakk in weaving Sami coma bands from Nordre Nordland and Sør-Troms. Melbo Manor in cooperation with NAKV.

2 April Lecture with Tone Elvebakk: Sami gákti/kofte in Nordre Nordland and Sør-Troms. Melbo Manor in cooperation with NAKV.

April 7 at 7:19 p.m.: Lecture with Åsa Elstad “Hurtigruta under the war” at Sortland Museum.

Week 14 Concert with the Sami group “Duvvene”. The date hasn’t quite set yet. Melbo Manor in cooperation with NAKV.


May 29 season opener/Coast Day at Lofoten Aquarium, Espolin Gallery and Lofoten Museum


Summer opening of museumsSkaftnes farmBø MuseumKjøpsvik MuseumKorsnes MuseumNorwegian Fishing Village MuseumØksnes Museum.

June 1 starts city biking in Narvik and the bakery at Å opens

June 4 The Arctic Triple starts from the Lofotr Viking Museum

June 7 Plant sale at Melbo Manor

June 8 Launch of first prototype from GaiaVesterålen at Sortland Museum

June 4-11 Pop-up art exhibition at Narvik Museum by Sammuel Ambroise

June 11 Exhibition opening: Espolin Johnson and Savio at the Espolin Gallery

June 11 Costal day at Bø Museum

June 11 18-21 Board games evening at Andøy Museum

June 15 Childrens routen opens at Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

June 21 The boat Gamle Oksøy visits Sortland as a part of the 50 years anniversary of the Norwegian oil spill protection. Arranged by the Museum of the Norwegian Costal Administration.

June 25 Risøyrenna 100 years

June 28 Our Struggle opens at Øksnes Museum

June 29 Summer opening at Jennestad trading post

Summer activities at Lofotr Viking Museum:


Summer opening of museums: Ballangen Museum

July 1 to 10 Summer Melbu. Here are selected events from NAKV and Museum Nord. Visit Summer Melbu for complete program.

July 7 at 12-14 Art workshop for children and youth at the Espolin Gallery

July 13-14 at 12-14 Arctic kids mining camp at Ballangen Museum

July 24-31 Reginedagan at Bø Museum

Summer activites at the Lofoten Museum, Espolin Gallery and Lofoten Aquarium in July:

Summer activities at Lofotr Viking Museum:


August 3-7 Viking Festival at BorgLofotr Viking Museum

August 12 “Touring Theatre in Trøndelag – The Last Viking” visits Vågan

August 20 Barbecue day at Andøy Museum

Summer activities at Lofotr Viking Museum:

Travelling exhibition about war sailors visits Museum Nord


Cultural heritage days 3-11 September:

September 12 ERIH workitout at Narvik Museum

September 13 Live podcast about EvoCave in Kjøpsvik. Organizer: Kjøpsvik Museum

Travelling exhibition about war sailors visits Museum Nord


4 October Kanelsnurren’s day at the Norwegian Fishermen’s Museum

Winter holiday activities at the museums

Mouse hunt at Fygle Museum

Autumn Day/Draugendag at the Norwegian Fishermen’s Museum


November 16 «Night at the Museum» at Ballangen Museum

26 November Christmas market and Christmas workshop for children Bø Museum

Christmas workshop and super sale of annual passes at Lofotr Vikingmuseum

Bright living Kabelvåg vol. 4 – Gallery Espolin


December 3rd Christmas market at Narvik Museum and old-fashioned Christmas at Å

More News

Rigid heddle weaving in Narvik

On Wednesday 17 April, the first course evening in rigid heddle weaving took place at Narvik Museum!

A new European feather in the cap for Museum Nord’s research repertoire

The project “Culturality” addresses cultural heritage in rural and peripheral areas to promote creative tourism and sustainability.

important meeting place

This year’s NTW (Norwegian Travel Workshop) was held in Trondheim 8-11. April where Trondheim got to show everything they have to offer. Together with about the rest of the tourism industry in Norway, we got to showcase what Norway has to offer.