02 June 2022

Experience art and technology exhibition Narvik 1900’s virtual expo at Narvik Museum 4 to 11 June. Welcome!

The exhibition shows traditional paintings by two different painters living here in Narvik, Marthine Horrigmoe Johnsen and Marvin Khumalo. Through their unique and abstract perspectives within their art, the guest can experience Narvik, and it will be possible to talk directly to them about their artwork and inspiration. They also have Sammuel Ambroise, which with the help of VR technology invites guests back to 1930s Narvik to experience what the city looked like at this time.

The exhibition aims to create a bridge that connects traditional art with the digital, and builds networks around it.

En dame
Marthine Horrigmoe Johnsen. Photo: Sammuel Ambroise
Marthine Horrigmoe Johnsen, visual artist:

“I grew up here in Narvik. I have seen this city change so much throughout my life, and it influenced my creative abstract views of Narvik. When we brainstormed on the subject of this project, I thought it would be so cool to share my art and my creative view of this city that is so full of history.”

En mann
Marvin Khumalo. Photo: Sammuel Ambroise
Marvin Khumalo, visual artist:

“For me, art is more than just beautiful pictures to look at. It is about storytelling and the dissemination of traditions, a way of taking care of culture and history. After living in Narvik in recent years and learning about the city’s strong culture and history from the people I have enjoyed meeting, I just wanted to take all this and put it in my artwork. Which I’m proud to share with you during the exhibition.”

En mann som holder VR briller
Sammuel Ambroise. Photo: Sammuel Ambroise
Sammuel Ambroise, VR artist:

“I have always been passionate about art and technology. Since I moved to Narvik in 2019, much of my work has been around Narvik’s history. That’s what triggered the idea of recreating the city before the war and using VR technology to simulate what a day in Narvik back in the 1930s would have looked like.”

“This is an exciting and innovative exhibition that we are pleased to offer at Narvik Museum”, concludes Erlend Sandvoll at Narvik Museum.

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