Daily program at Lofoten aquarium this summer

26 June 2022

The Lofoten Aquarium offers film screenings and feeding seals and otters on its daily program this summer:

11:00Top floorFilm: “Norwegian aquaculture”
12:00Seal pondFeeding: seals and otter
13:00Top floorFilm: “Havdansen”
14:00Top floorFilm: “Havdansen”
15:00Top floorFilm: “Norwegian aquaculture”
16:00Seal pondFeeding: seals and otter
17:00Top floorFilm: “Havdansen”

Get to know the seals and otter Gunn at the Lofoten Aquarium

Experience seals up close

We feed the seals twice a day and it´s a “must see” when visiting the aquarium.

Gunn the otter

Right next to the seal enclosure lives Gunn. She is a European Otter that has been at the aquarium since she was very little.

Visit the venues in Storvågan:

Lofoten Aquarium

Meet the arctic cod and other species of the Lofoten sea. Feeding of seals and otters.

Lofoten Museum

Get to know the history of the Lofoten fisheries at one of the best-preserved manor houses in the region, with authentic fishermans cabins, traditional wooden boats and a historic garden.

The Espolin Gallery

Master of Norwegian art. Immerse yourself in artist Kaare Espolin Johnson’s expressive power and explore the life and destiny of coastal people.

More News

Digitization project with the National Library

In collaboration with the National Library of Norway, Museum Nord is in the process of digitizing audio and video cassettes.

Visitor numbers for 2022 set a record

After all the visitor numbers for October have been registered, we now have 250,000 visitors in Museum Nord. That’s a new record!

Our Struggle on Tour

During this week, students at upper secondary schools in Lofoten and Vesterålen will experience an exciting interactive forum theater based on the exhibition Vår Kamp.