NOK 1 million to GaiaTalent

04 July 2022

The County Council for Education and Competence in Nordland, Elin Dahlseng Eide, grants the entire application of over NOK 1 million to GaiaTalent!

– “GaiaTalent” will give a new start for young digital talent in Vesterålen, says County Council for Education and Competence in Nordland Elin Dahlseng Eide. The County Council is now allocating more than NOK 1 million to the project.

– This is a very big day for GaiaVesterålen, and not least GaiaTalent. On behalf of us and our partners, I would like to thank you for the trust you are now giving us. This support means a tremendous amount and allows us to really start work towards outsiders in the north. We will do this by connecting outsiders with the need for digital expertise in the districts, with the goal of creating 30 jobs,” says Ane Høyem, project manager at GaiaVesterålen/GaiaTalent.

What exactly is GaiaTalent?

Digitally self-taught people in the outside world. Young people with self-taught digital expertise in everything from interactive design: 3D modeling and animation to game development, AR&VR and film production.

GaiaTalent wants to connect outsiders with the need for digital expertise in the districts. 30 young people will qualify and have their future digital workplace in Vesterålen.

A broad collaboration

GaiaTalent is a collaborative project between GaiaVesterålen, Lofotr Næringsdrift, Sortland municipality and Kunnskapstrening IT. Lofotr Næringsdrift is the project owner. In addition, Sintef Digital, Nordland Research, Vesterålen ICT, Deadline Media, Nav, Bodø2024, as well as municipalities in the region, are affiliated with the project.

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GaiaVesterålen is a research and technology initiative that aims to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable communities.

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