21 places to visit

14 July 2022

Summer is high season for open museums and fun activities with us. Here are tips for 21 places to visit.


Jennestad Trading Post tempts with locally produced treats and guided tours. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am–5pm until August 14.

Jennestad Trading Post

Time has stood still since the closure of the store in the pier in 1982. Step up and experience a bygone era in the general store.

Butikken hos jennestad handelssted
The museum gift shop at Jennestad Trading Post. Photo: Sortland Museum


Play miners in the mining camp in Ballangen Museum’s outdoor area, and get an insight into Ballangen’s unique mining history.

Ballangen Museum

The rich geology- and mining history of the area, and the community that built it.


Go to beautiful Bø and experience storytelling at Bø Museum. Attend Reginedagan from July 24 to July 31.

Bø Museum

Experience the history of Bø through objects and exhibitions, coastal culture and the authorship of Regine Normann, boathouse and rorbu. Fairytale forest for children. Artscape Nordland and outdoor gallery nearby. Museum gift shop. The man from the sea and the open-air gallery. Museum shop.


Have you tasted the cinnamon snours from the bakery at Å? The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum tells about one of the best preserved and complete old fishing villages in Northern Norway.

The Bakery at Å

The world’s best cinnamon rolls and baked goods?


Visit the Andøy Museum and Andenes Lighthouse, and have a coffee with the museum’s friendly hosts!

Andøy Museum

Climb the stairs of the tall cast iron tower of Andenes lighthouse. Exhibition on the harbor development. Also exhibition: Life of a Polar hunter.


Stop by Lofoten Aquarium and participate in seal and otter feeding. PS: in the summer, a seal cub was born in the aquarium.

Lofoten Aquarium

An encounter with life in the Lofoten Sea. Cod, halibut, crabs, saithe and haddock – these and many more you will meet in the aquarium. Feeding seals and otters at fixed times. Café.


Young archaeologists should head to Øksnes Museum and attend the Excavators. The museum is open until 7 August.

Øksnes Museum

Visit Øksnes Museum, take a tour through the beautiful farmhouse Alsvåggården and enjoy a coffee in historic surroundings.


Experience a real iron ore locomotive at Narvik Museum.

Iron ore Locomotive El. 12

Did you know that Narvik Museum has its own electric iron ore locomotive? Learn more about the iron horse El. 12 and our plans.


Wander through the different eras of telecommunications. And get to know the devices from telegraph to call center and wireless communication at Sørvågen Radio.

Sørvågen Radio

The first wireless Morse signals in Northern Europe were sent from Sørvågen. Theme is the technical, social and cultural development that followed the establishment of
the telegraph in Lofoten.


Stop at Risøyhamn Bygdetun and experience the exhibition about Risøyrenna 100 years.

Bebyggelse nær sjøen med fjell i bakgrunnen
Risøyhamn Bygdetun. Photo: Hege Anita Eilertsen


The Hurtigruten Museum opened last year and is mandatory to stop by if you are in Vesterålen. That’s our humble opinion!

Hurtigruten Museum

A monument to Norway’s Transport history: Visit the bridge, engine room and cabins on the Finnmarken express route (1956) in its iconic barley. Feel the atmosphere in the lounges from the steamship Finmarken (1912). Activities for children and families. Hurtigruta’s importance is told in modern exhibitions. Food and drinks are served in the dining room anno 1956. Welcome aboard!


Lofoten War Memorial Museum has a unique collection of artifacts and stories from the war.

Lofoten War Memorial Museum

The largest exhibition of rare uniforms and artifacts from World War II in Norway. Unique historic snapshots. Personal and engaging.


Travel 1,000 years back in time at the Lofotr Viking Museum. Throughout the summer there are activities, and one highlight is the viking festival 3–7 August.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.


Give your views on GaiaVesterålen’s first prototype at Sortland Museum.


Say hello to the polar bear at Kjøpsvik Museum.

Kjøpsvik Museum

The museum in Kjøpsvik cover mining and industrial history, cave finds, fish farming and household culture, war history and the school system.


If you want to get to know Lofoten’s history, you need to get to know the fish farmer. Visit Skaftnes Farm this summer. The museum is open through August.

Skaftnes Farm

The farm consists of a farmhouse, barn, dock and boathouse. The buildings are open to visitors and a skilled guide is available. Learn about fishermen and farmers who lived between the sea and a somewhat barren soil around 1900–1940.


If you visit the Lofoten Museum, you will learn about the history of lofoten fishing. The squire farm from 1815 is located in one of the best preserved historical sites in Lofoten.

Lofoten Museum

Get to know the history of the Lofoten fisheries at one of the best-preserved manor houses in the region, with authentic fishermans cabins, traditional wooden boats and a historic garden.


Visit the venerable Melbo Manor and go for a walk in the museum garden.

Melbo Manor

From quiet farm to a small industrialized city within a few decades (1890–1920). The businessman and landowner Chr. Frederiksen was in the center of the activities. Visit the mansion that has been restored to it´s former glory.


Experience the works of Kaare Espolin Johnson and the summer exhibition with John Savio at the Espolin Gallery.

The Espolin Gallery

Master of Norwegian art. Immerse yourself in artist Kaare Espolin Johnson’s expressive power and explore the life and destiny of coastal people.


A gem of places to visit is Korsnes Museum! If you’re waiting for the ferry, the museum is just a short drive away, with an exciting photographer and trading post history. And chalky white beaches!

Eternal moments

The photo exhibition “Eternal moments”gives insight to the photographer
Magdalene Norman’s life and experiences.

Fine strender hos korsnes museum
Korsnes is located in an idyllic area with white beaches and lush landscape 6 km from the ferry at Bognes. Photo: Korsnes Museum

Have a lovely summer!

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