Cultural Heritage Days 2022

02 September 2022

Bring your family and spend the Cultural Heritage Days 2022 at our museums. Here you will find an overview of events and programs.

This year, the cultural heritage days team is the driving force, on the occasion of the year of volunteering. For museums, volunteering is a key part of the operation, maintenance and dissemination of cultural and natural history.

– Volunteering is undoubtedly the effort put in by individuals and associations that are the foundation of the museums’ stories and collections. Collections, yearbooks, intangible cultural heritage and other types of dissemination from the various local branches constitute the essence of what we at the museum can tell our guests, whether it comes from organized or unorganized volunteerism, says Jon Framnes, department director in Ofoten.

Cultural heritage events at Museum Nord

During the cultural heritage week 3 to 11 September, you can take part in the following activities and events:

Lofoten Museum

The Lofoten Museum invites you to short courses and demonstrations of crafts and traditional food September 10th and 11th. Read more about the event here.

en dame lager mat
Kursholder Anne Røde møter du lørdag 10. september hos Lofotmuseet. Foto: Museum Nord
Bø Museum

Bø Museum and Bø Kystlag welcome you to a family day on 7 or 8 September. Update coming.

Narvik Museum

Narvik Museum has turned on the big drum and invites to a garden party and celebration of volunteer efforts on September 10th. Meet voluntary associations and taste fresh svele! Here you will find the program.

Frivillige fra uliker organisasjoner står på trappen utenfor Narvik Museum sammen med representant for museet
Frivillige fra ulike organisasjoner og Narvik Museum inviterer til hagefest 10. september under kulturminnedagene 2022. Foto: Narvik Museum
Sortland Museum

Sortland Museum and Sortland Library invite you to a FESTAFTEN 7 September about Sortland in the 70s with lectures, pictures, stories, food and music. Read more about the festive evening here.

More News

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The Ofotbanen railway was arranged for the first time on Wednesday 18 January at Katterat Station, in collaboration with Arctic Train.

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GaiaVesterålen starts the year with a kick-off at the RESIST project in Portugal.