million gift to SKREI

29 September 2022

Bent Eriksen gives a gift of a million to SKREI

On Wednesday 28 September, Bent Eriksen handed over a gift of a million to the SKREI project and Museum Nord by director Geir Are Johansen.

– Cod and skrei have kept my family alive since my grandfather and brother started in Kabelvåg in 1912. That’s why I want to give this gift to this project, says Bent Eriksen to Lofotposten.

– From the very beginning, we have said that we want to be close to the industry through dialogue and partnerships. I hope that those who come to the SKREI centre when it is finished recognize themselves and think that this was right, says Director Geir Are Johansen, and adds:

– The fact that Bent gives a million kroner as a gift to us is an important recognition from the industry that this is actually important, also for them.

Read the full story at Lofotposten here.

more about SKREI

No industry has left such a deep mark on our culture for as many centuries as the Lofoten fishery? the great winter fishing. Skrei spawn from the Møre coast to Finnmark. Fishing has traditionally taken place in the same areas, but lofoten fishing has taken a special position with generally the most participants and the largest catch. Therefore, we consider it a phenomenon of national importance ? culturally and economically. Stockfish has represented the majority of Norwegian export value in a period of our history of more than 500 years. Communicating what the fishing for cod has meant, means and will mean for Norway is a national task of the first rank.

SKREI – National Museum of cod

A new national museum and experience centre

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