Exhibition opening and several talks

03 October 2022

There is always something exciting going on at our museums. This week there will be an exhibition opening and several talks.

New exhibition at Bø museum

On Tuesday 4 October there is the opening of a brand new exhibition at Bø Museum. The exhibition is all about poop. Yes, you read that right!

Bilde av bæsj fra utstillingen bæsj hos Bø museum
The exhibition Bæsj – Portalen til fortiden opens at Bø Museum 4. oktober. Photo: Bø Museum

Poop – The portal to the past is an exhibition that is about poop and what the poop can tell us. The poop is a gossip who only with his mere presence says something about where you have the poop, who has the poop and often you can see what has been eaten. For example, what do you think the grouse has eaten when the poop is blue?

The exhibition also consists of activities and tasks, and there is room to play. More about the exhibition opening can be found here.

A real Lecture Day 6 October

October 6th is a real lecture day with three entertaining and exciting evening lectures and seminars.

At Lofotr Viking Museum, Gerhard Schøning is celebrated with a seminar in collaboration with Vestvågøy history team. Read about the event here.

At Melbu you can visit Melbo Manor at 6 pm. Here Åsa Elstad talks about the Bruun family on Børøya and the treasures they left behind. More about the event can be found here.

Historian Johan Borgos is coming to Bø Museum on 6 October to talk about our coastal culture. He says the following about the lecture: “Bø has a rich history and was previously not a little brother in the Vesterålen’s family. The lecture Fishermen farmers and fishing villages in Bø aims to show the diversity of the Bø community and tell about the coastal culture in the area, perhaps with a little jab at tourism.” Read about the event here.

Children’s Viking Saturday

Saturday 8 October there is a new round of children’s Viking Saturday at Lofotr Viking Museum. This Saturday, stick bread is made in the chieftain’s house.

Visit the museums

Bø Museum

Experience the history of Bø through objects and exhibitions, coastal culture and the authorship of Regine Normann, boathouse and rorbu. Fairytale forest for children. Artscape Nordland and outdoor gallery nearby. Museum gift shop. The man from the sea and the open-air gallery. Museum shop.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.

Melbo Manor

From quiet farm to a small industrialized city within a few decades (1890–1920). The businessman and landowner Chr. Frederiksen was in the center of the activities. Visit the mansion that has been restored to it´s former glory.

More News

Closing seminar of Coastal Memory fort

The Coastal Memory Fort project is coming to an end, and this week there has been a final project meeting and seminar in Lourinhã, Portugal.

Season opening and pier evening at Korsnes

The summer season at Korsnes starts in full swing with family events during the day and pier meetings in the evening this coming Saturday 22 June!

DKS at Keiploftet

For the past three weeks, Ballangen Museum has carried out Geotours with 7th graders from Narvik Municipality. Well over a hundred students have participated in the Geotours that go to Keiploftet in Eiterdalen in Ofoten.