Staff gathering with a strategic twist

24 October 2022

Last week, Museum Nord met for a staff gathering with a strategic twist in Storvågan. Over the course of two pleasant days, we mingled and worked together on a new strategic plan.

Museum Nord is a decentralized organization, and it is rare that we all meet. Therefore, there was a long-awaited staff gathering that took place last week, where new and old colleagues got to meet face to face, and not over Teams, which has been “normal” in recent years. We were also joined by the board of Museum Nord both days.

In addition to being a social meeting place, the collection was an arena for working with Museum Nord’s future. In the coming year, Museum Nord’s new strategic plan will be drawn up. The staff gathering gave employees the opportunity to influence and express their views on the new strategic plan.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Nordland Research Institute held a very interesting workshop on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, led by Karin Marie Antonsen. During the workshop, we worked together on which of the SDGs is relevant to us.

A large part of the gathering was arranged so that we worked in groups, and had time and space to discuss together, and not least get to know each other better.

The way forward

Museum Nord’s R&D department is responsible for summarizing the work we have done. The process of establishing a new strategic plan has already been ongoing since the beginning of the year, and will be specified in a written document in the future.

Thank you for your productive and pleasant days together in Storvågan!

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