The boaters in Jørnfjorden

04 November 2022

Visit Bø Museum and experience the exhibition the boaters in Jørnfjorden.

The exhibition consists of beautiful pictures drawn and painted by Asbjørn Vassbotn. The pictures show boats over 33 feet that once belonged to Jørnfjorden, as well as the boats that exist there today.

Jørnfjorden consists of several farms and has an exciting history. Øystein Rysst has collected the stories about life in Jørnfjorden, about the people and their boats in a beautiful booklet. Photos and booklets are for sale at the museum.

Tre menn på utstillingsåpning hos Bø Museum
Asbjørn Vassbotn, Øystein Rysst and Nils Olav Johnsen at the exhibitions opening of the boaters in Jørnfjorden. Photo: Bø Museum

Bø Museum is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (November 7-9). Welcome!

Visit Bø Museum

Bø Museum

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