Experience history digitally

20 December 2022

Did you know that we have several digital offerings from our museums? Here we have collected some suggestions for digital material that you can delve into.

Explore stories

Explore stories big and small from our museums. Here you can take a deep dive into the history of Norddalsbrua, the chieftain’s house at Borg, the cod fishery and much more.

More stories can be found here.

History on the ear

The podcast Dispatched from the Ofoten department in Museum Nord deals with local history in the Narvik region, and sometimes a little outside. Among the more than 50 episodes recorded, you can hear stories about music history, World War II, aviation, mines and caves and much more. Look up Expedited where you listen to podcasts, or find episodes below here:

Find museum objects digitally

Did you know that several of our museum pieces are available digitally? At digitaltmuseum.no is a selection of artefacts from our museums. For example, this boat model that is part of the collection of the Fygle Museum.

Båtmodell som står hos Fygle museum
Boat model of a five-rower with hay/stick, ladle, boat hook and 13 oars. Photo: Museum Nord

Seabed digital

Learn facts about the sea and do fun exercises in Seabed Digital from Sortland Museum.

Seabed Digital English

Seabed Digital is based on the exhibition Seabed where through videos one learns facts about the sea and fun exercises.

More News

The Museum of the year is …

Every year, the Norwegian Museum Association awards the “Museum of the Year” award. In 2024, the Hurtigruten Museum is one of 3 nominated museums.

The Board on study trip

Last week, Museum Nord’s board and management were on a study trip in Ofoten, with meetings and trips to Katterat, Kiruna and Ballangen

Registration session with William

The collection group has this week travelled to Svolvær for a registration session with William at Lofoten War Memorial Museum.