GaiaVesterålen in Portugal

19 January 2023

GaiaVesterålen starts the year with a kick-off at the RESIST project in Portugal.

Together with SINTEF, Vesterålen Regional Council, Andfjord Salmon and 52 other European partners, GaiaVesterålen will conduct research on the ability of vulnerable areas to deal with climate change in the future.

GaiaVesterålen i Portugal under resist kick-off. Flere mennesker sitter i panel
GaiaVesterålen in Portugal for the kick-off at the RESIST-project. Foto: GaiaVesterålen

The EU has donated NOK 270 million to the research project. The project is led by SINTEF and is the largest EU grant for a Norwegian-led climate project ever.

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Norway leads record-breaking climate project

The EU is now giving NOK 270 million to a research project that will improve the districts’ ability to deal with climate change. The Resist climate project is led by SINTEF, and is the largest EU award for a Norwegian-led climate project ever.

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