History collection in Vesterålen

27 January 2023

What part of Vesterålen’s history do you think is important to be told? GaiaVesterålen wonders about this question, and they are immediately in the process of collecting history in Vesterålen.

This week, GaiaVesterålen has had a collection in the research project together with all of our museums in Vesterålen; Øksnes Museum, Bø Museum, Andøy Museum, Hurtigruten Museum, Melbo Manor and Sortland Museum.

Together, the group has looked at how to collect historical information and data. Too much of Vesterålen’s history lives in the people – and now GaiaVesterålen is embarking on an ambitious and comprehensive effort to bring this history together.

In the coming months, people will be invited to a GAIA history workshop in all municipalities in Vesterålen. You can find the events and information about registration here.

The results of the data collection will constitute the actual content of the future high-tech model of Vesterålen. You can visit the first prototype of the model at Øksnes Museum.

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GaiaVesterålen is a research and technology initiative that aims to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable communities.

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