Book launch: “Come dance with me!”

23 February 2023

Come Dance with Me!

The History of Theatrical Dance in Narvik

After many years of working with documentation and photos, Fiona Jane Ellingsen has finally had the book “Come dance with me!” printed for sale. The book was launched at Narvik Library on Tuesday 21st of February.

Jon Framnes viser frem boken som lanseres til publikum på lanseringsarrangementet
Fiona Ellingsen: Come Dance with Me! 21. feb 2023. Photo: Harald Harnang

Narvik Museum has been part of the editorial committee for the book and has contributed financially to bring this magnificent work of a book to fruition.

It was a great pleasure for us to be given the honorable task of being the moderator of a conversation with author Fiona during the launch of “Come Dance with Me!”

Department Director for Ofoten, Jon Framnes, moderated the conversation with author Fiona Ellingsen during the book launch. Photo: Harald Harnang

In a city where many of the cultural-historical descriptions revolve around railways, housing associations and industry are described by people who work with sledgehammers and helmets, a historical masterpiece has finally emerged that deals with a significant part of Narvik’s cultural life. A city with a diverse and rich offer for all age groups who want to express themselves on stage.

Fiona Ellingsen forteller publikum om sitt arbeid med boken.
Fiona Ellingsen forteller publikum om arbeidet med boken. Photo: Harald Harnang

The book deals with the establishment of the first dance schools, the cultural school and the driving forces that work diligently and hard to give people a cultural offering that is respected. Fiona has gathered this between two binders. The book is well documented, gives a rich description of the city’s cultural life, and outlines the possibilities for a new resurgence of culture and its significance into the future.

Utstilte bøker til forhåndsbestilling, sammen med blomster
Fiona Ellingsen: Come Dance with Me! 21. feb 2023. Photo: Harald Harnang

We thank Fiona Ellingsen for allowing us to be part of the journey, and wish the book the best of luck on the journey into the thousands of Norwegian homes and institutions that see the value of cultural life for increased happiness.

Overrekkelse av blomster og gratulasjoner til Fiona Ellingsen
Fiona Ellingsen: Come Dance with Me! 21. feb 2023. Photo: Harald Harnang

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