Phone photo workshop at Sortland

07 March 2023

Phone photo workshop in Sortland: Despite snowstorms and poor driving conditions, several eager colleagues showed up at Sortland on Monday this week to get better at taking pictures with their mobile phones.

Foto av lerret med powerpointpresentasjon. På presentasjonen står det Fotokurs, med bilde av en sel i sorthvitt
The workshop started with phone photo theory.

At Museum Nord, we work continuously to increase competence in various disciplines. During the winter and spring, a number of workshops are held with the market group. Here we take a closer look at external activities, such as how to take good pictures with your mobile phone.

Participants got to try photographing people in different types of light.

The background for the workshop is that the mobile camera is the camera you always carry in your pocket, and therefore it is very useful to learn how to best use the different functions of the mobile camera, as well as how to think in relation to light sources, angle of light and background, among other things.

From the mobile photo workshop in Sortland.

In the next part of the workshop, participants were challenged to take a photo that could be used in three different ways on Instagram as a post and story, and as a post on Facebook. It resulted in several creative solutions!

One of the participants’ suggestions on how to use the same image in three different ways on Instagram posts, story and Facebook posts.

The last task at the workshop was to create a Reel (video post) on Instagram. Now, participants got to work in groups to practice filming and editing video clips to post on Instagram.

Fortunately, the weather improved until the participants were driving home. Thanks for a nice workshop!

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