Vernissage at Narvik Museum

20 March 2023

Vernissage at Narvik Museum

Friday 17th of March saw the vernissage and the opening of the exhibition “TID” by this year’s VU artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen, at Narvik Museum.

On Friday 17 March, Vinterfestuka started, which is the biggest event of the year in Narvik. This year’s Vinterfestuka lasts from 17.-26. March. Every year Narvik Museum has an art exhibition at the museum with a VU artist. This year Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is the VU artist, and the exhibition was opened with vernissage at Narvik Museum.

Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is a visual artist, photographer and sculptor living and studio in Harstad. She has degrees in art from the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Falmouth, England.

Tuppen’s art can be described as both versatile, philosophical, abstract and figurative, focusing on the human being. She paints with deep denominations and works a lot with texture through different techniques. This often results in expressions with connotations to light beyond the visible spectrum. In her abstract work, she explores aspects of our physical laws, such as particles, time, and entropy.

Tuppen’s sculptures are often integrated with wood or other natural materials to explore our role in reality. Through site-specific and temporary sculptures, made from natural materials from the site, she explores entropy. This is done by returning them to their original state. Here the process becomes the important thing. In her photographic work, she often focuses on combining conflicting elements to create new, strange expressions.

Tuppen has had several solo exhibitions, been presented in several books and journals, and she has recently become part of YAH Management representing her in Milan, Italy.

The exhibition that is now at Narvik Museum is a sales exhibition that will remain at the museum until mid-August 2023.

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