Successful course in Sami traditional crafts

21 March 2023

Last weekend, an eager group participated in a course in Sami traditional crafts at Melbu.

Melbo Manor and Nordland Academy invited to an educational weekend together with course instructor Tone Elvebakk 17-19 March.

flere mennesker i en sal. Deltar på kurs i samisk tradisjonshåndverk.
9 people participated in the sami traditional crafts at Melbo school last weekend. Photo: Museum Nord
Eventful course weekend

Friday started with a review of Sami ribbon traditions from our area. The course participants then had to choose what to weave, what type of ribbon, which pattern, how far and color combinations.

A little math is needed to get the weave right before you can start threading the weave.

There was great variation in how advanced projects the weavers wanted to create, and also whether they had woven a little before. Some got started quickly, while others spent a lot of time getting the gutter and threading of the loom right.

Picking and currant swaddling

The weavers got to try different patterns. Picking/picking is when pattern threads are picked up and down to create patterns – a more advanced pattern than every other different color. Rip weaving is called when there is only up and down with every other color in the warp.

Visit Melbo Manor

Melbo Manor

From quiet farm to a small industrialized city within a few decades (1890–1920). The businessman and landowner Chr. Frederiksen was in the center of the activities. Visit the mansion that has been restored to it´s former glory.

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