New additions to the farm

29 March 2023

We are in a state of bliss that our wild boars have had cubs at Lofotr Viking Museum. They are so beautiful and we look forward to the future.

In the summer, there are opportunities to see the wild boar cubs. Then they graze on areas around the museum.

We also got a calf on the farm. The calf is absolutely gorgeous and is similar to its mother. In the summer you will also be able to see these pastures in the areas around the museum in the summer.

These are animals of ancient breeds.

More News

EvoCave lecture in Narvik

Thursday 21st of September, EvoCave researchers Sanne Boessenkool and Trond Klungseth Lødøen held two lectures during the National Science week in Norway in Narvik; one at UiT in Narvik and one at Narvik Library.

Boat enthusiasts at Korsnes Museum

Saturday 16. In September, a boat-loving group of around 80 people visited Korsnes Museum in beautiful September weather.

The Skrei Research Centre welcomes the Nigerian senator

The Skrei Research Center welcomed Senator Abiola Peter Makinde from Nigeria.