COD fishing with Abid Raja

02 April 2023

Museum Nord has been visited by Abid Raja and Vågan Venstre

On the agenda was an update on the work that has been going on with the SKREI project since the opening of Hurtigrutemuseet, where Raja, then Minister of Culture revealed that SKREI would be granted state funding.

As part of the visit, there was also time for a fishing trip with the historic wooden fishing vessel Anne Bro. We appreciate Raja’s sustained enthusiasm and faith in SKREI!

Read more in Lofotposten (subscription required):

Read more about the SKREI project


SKREI will be a centre for knowledge and experiences related to the Lofoten fishery and Norway’s most important fish. SKREI extends beyond the confines of a traditional museum.

SKREI Research Center

SKREI Research Center (SRC) is a three-year project to create an infrastructure that coordinates international, interdisciplinary research and knowledge about topics related to the Arctic cod.

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