Art workshop for children

19 April 2023

Monday and Tuesday this week, Narvik Museum has held an art workshop for children in collaboration with artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Two classes from Narvik Montesorri School have been able to visit Bjørg-Elise’s art exhibition that is currently on display at the museum, learn a little about the techniques the artist himself uses, and then try out the technique themselves.

First, the students got to participate in the exhibition of artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen, and also got to contribute their “moments” to the installation Totem of Time.

Narvik Museum thanks pupils and teachers from Narvik Montesorri for nice and creative days together, and also thanks an extra big thank you to artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen for a great collaboration!

The pupils’ art will be showcased at Narvik Museum with an exhibition opening on Thursday 20th of April at 17-19, and will stay in the exhibition at the museum through May.

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