Upgrading of exhibitions at Lofoten War Memorial Museum

26 April 2023

Lofoten War Memorial Museum has worked to renew parts of the exhibition and parts of new material have now been assembled.

“We have worked on putting colours on black and white images from the war, which gives a completely different visual image. Not least for school classes who are used to everything today being in color. But it is a painstaking work that has been carried out in the late evening hours,” says William Hakvaag at Lofoten War Memorial Museum.

A painstaking process

Colorizing images can take some time. “There are pictures that the undersigned has spent 30 hours on. Typical time use is plus/minus 6 hours per image, so it is time-consuming to get a good result,” says William Hakvaag.

Utstillingsvegg Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum
The Lofoten raid room new wall. Photo: Lofoten War Memorial Museum

Two exhibition areas have received an upgrade at the museum. The Lofoten raid room has received an influx of images in addition to upgrading the history of the armoured ship’s Tordenskjold.

Utstillingsvegg Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum
Upgrading the history of the armoured ship Tordenskjold, the armoured ship’s Tordenskjold converted to Nymphe. The valve is from Tordenskjold. Photo: Lofoten War Memorial Museum
The armoured ship Tordenskjold

Did you know that the armoured ship Tordenskjold was one of the first armoured ships that Norway bought? It was converted by the Germans into a “Flakschiff”, anti-aircraft ship, and was supposed to protect, among other things, Tirpitz. After the war, the ship ended up on 17 May, of all dates, in the shoreline rocks outside Svolvær.

It was to transport German soldiers to a camp in Bogen, but the Germans opened the bottom valves and the ship had to be grounded in Moldøra so as not to sink. And it remained there until the spring of 1947.

Fargelagt bilde fra lofoten krigsminnemuseum
The German mother ship Tsingsau, which remained for many months in Svolvær after the Lofoten raid. Photo: Lofoten War Memorial Museum

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