Development of Lofotr Viking Museum

12 May 2023

Sometimes it’s nice to get an outside look at how to start development, what are we doing well and what can be improved. Lucy Harland brings that perspective to the table at Lofotr Viking Museum.

Lofotr Viking Museum has been through quite a journey since the museum opened in 1995. Over the years, new buildings and exhibitions have been added. The museum has around 100,000 visitors annually, making it Museum Nord’s largest museum. The combination with the location at Borg and the cultural-historical backdrop makes the place and the visitor experience quite unique.

to mennesker på tur
Lucy Harland and Geir Are Johansen, adm. dir. in Museum Nord, visiting the sithe of Holsneset just outside Leknes. Photo: Museum Nord

In the past week, Harland has visited Lofotr Viking Museum, talked to employees, made inspections and conducted a workshop with us, as part of the process of how we can develop the museum further.

Thanks for visiting, Lucy!

Visit Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.

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