Podcast collaboration with Várdobáiki

07 June 2023

Podcast collaboration with Várdobáiki

Ekspedert: Podcast collaboration with Várdobáiki

Narvik Museum has started a collaboration with Várdobáiki at Evenskjer, where they will be involved in creating episodes for our podcast series “Ekspedert”.

The background for the collaboration is that the podcast Ekspedert presents the region’s history, and goes into both individual events, themes and people from both recent and older history, as well as some episodes more about contemporary themes, such as things happening in Narvik and the surrounding area.

Part of the region’s history that has not been communicated much about until now is Sámi history and culture. This is something we want to get better at, – and what could be better than cooperating with those who know a lot about the Sámi in our region, namely Várdobáiki!

Ekspedert ends the podcast season now in June and takes a summer vacation, but starts up again in the autumn, with good help from talented people at Várdobáiki who will be involved in communicating lots of exciting history and culture with us in Ekspedert!

Wondering what Várdobáiki is? You will find out in our first collaborative episode on Ekspedert here:

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