School visit weeks at Ballangen museum

08 June 2023

School visit weeks at Ballangen Museum. Together with students from 7th grade in Narvik municipality, we explore the region’s unique geology and mining history.

True to tradition, Ballangen Museum invited 7th classes on field days as part of the museum’s School visit offer to primary school. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side this time, so the original trips to Keiploftet were replaced with an alternative arrangement at the museum.

The students have walked the cultural trail in Bjørkåsen, we have lit the fire and eaten good lunch outside. The days have ended with a tour of the museum and immersion in rocks and minerals.

This year, 150 students and teachers are participating in the school visit program. Thank you very much for very nice days together with us at the museum!

visit Ballangen Museum

Ballangen Museum

The rich geology- and mining history of the area, and the community that built it.

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