Half a million and new opportunities

14 June 2023

Half a million and new opportunities – Aquavisning donates 500,000 NOK to the development of the Lofoten Aquarium

Museum Nord is in the process of establishing SKREI in Storvågan outside Kabelvåg, with intensive work underway on the preparations for the new central building called the Otolith, which will house exhibitions, storage facilities for Museum Nords collection and a café. 

However, the SKREI project is more than the new building, it also includes upgrades and new public offerings at the Lofoten Aquarium, Lofoten Museum and the Espolin Gallery. Now Aquavisning AS and Nordlaks are donating 500,000 NOK for Museum Nord to be able to work thoroughly on a feasibility study for the development of the Lofoten Aquarium.  

– We have cooperated well with Museum Nord for many years, and are therefore happy to contribute to the further development of the Lofoten Aquarium, says Marte Sørbø Hoholm, general manager of Aquavisning.   

Offerings for children and young people

Museum Nord and Aquavisning have had a long-standing collaboration on a viewing centre for salmon at the Lofoten Aquarium. For Museum Nord, this has contributed positively to the operation and development of the aquarium. 

– The aquarium is 30 years old, and has a general need for upgrade. In addition to this and a renewal of the viewing centre, we are very interested in exploring the possibilities for better learning and dissemination facilities for the public in general and children and young people in particular, says Harald Strøm, unit manager at the Lofoten Aquarium. 

– We greatly appreciate Aquavisning’s contribution and desire to participate in the feasibility study. It gives us an opportunity to plan well and involve international resource persons with expertise in aquarium planning, says Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, department director for Museum Nord in Vågan. 

A work group has been set up with members from Museum Nord, Aquavisning, Skrei Eiendom AS and international professionals in aquarium management. The feasibility study is set to conclude by the end of 2023. 


Museum Nord is working to establish SKREI, which will convey the story of the sea, cod fishing and the importance of coastal culture, both in the past and in the future, and help to highlight it in a national context. 

SKREI includes a new building “The otolith” which will be located in Storvågan, on the same site where Museum Nord alreday operates the Lofoten Aquarium, the Espolin Gallery and the Lofoten Museum. The new building will house a main exhibition about cod and the Lofoten fisheries, a restaurant/café, meeting rooms and storage facilities for Museum Nord’s collections. In addition, SKREI includes an upgrade and renewal of the Lofoten Aquarium and the other units, as well as the outdoor area that connects them. 

The construction of SKREI is divided into two development stages. First up is the Otolith, followed by upgrades to the Lofoten Aquarium and Museum Nord’s other units. The first development stage has been funded and work is underway, with construction expected to start in 2024.


SKREI will be a centre for knowledge and experiences related to the Lofoten fishery and Norway’s most important fish. SKREI extends beyond the confines of a traditional museum.

Lofoten Aquarium

An encounter with life in the Lofoten Sea. Cod, halibut, crabs, saithe and haddock – these and many more you will meet in the aquarium. Feeding seals and otters at fixed times. Café.

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