Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries visits SKREI

16 June 2023

SKREI visit by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries: Museum Director Geir Are Johansen Welcomed State Secretary Kristina Sigurdsdottir Hansen and Local politicians Marit Olsen and Elisabeth Holand.

Hansen is State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, to Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Bjørnar Skjæran. The same delegation also included Elisabeth Holand (Vestvågøy AP) and Marit Olsen (Vågan AP). The purpose of the visit was to be informed about the SKREI that is now being realised and about Museum Nord’s other tasks, museums and projects.

A topic of conversation was the important additional financing of SKREI. SKREI was originally fully funded when the project received the government grant in 2022. However, the extraordinary rise in prices has created an economic gap of considerable magnitude. Many experienced the same problem, including the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Museum Nord needs additional funding of NOK 159 million to implement development stage 2 and achieve the full potential of the project.

The museum itself has increased its share of the project’s funding by NOK 55.1 million, through increased borrowing and private funding. “We do this to include other cost increases that are not directly related to inflation,” says Director Geir AreJohansen.

SKREI-besøk av Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet: Statssekretæren og de lokale politikerene ble møtt av husfrua på Lofotr. Fløytespill og lammesodd stod på menyen.
Statsekretæren og politiske representanter fra Lofoten ble møtt av Husfrua på Borg. Fløytespill og lammesodd stod på menyen.

State Secretary Hansen experienced Lofotr Viking Museum as part of the visit. She was given a guided tour and heard about the story surrounding the sensational discovery of Lofotr. The lady of the house served the famous lamb sodden, accompanied by beautiful flute playing and singing. The State Secretary from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries had many questions about both the history of the Viking Age and the operation of Lofotr Viking Museum. She was also interested in Museum Nord’s operating model for its 21 museums.

Director Johansen expresses that it is important and gratifying that Hansen, Holand and Olsen become better acquainted with Museum Nord and its activities, not least SKREI, which is now being realised. SKREI is scheduled to start construction in 2024 and open in 2026.

SKREI will be an adventure and knowledge centre in Lofoten with great attraction for both local and visiting guests. SKREI will create major ripple effects. Read more about SKREI here.

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