Travel letter from “Peer Gynt”

23 June 2023

Travel letter from “Peer Gynt”

The former merchant boat “Peer Gynt” is on its way up the Nordland coast, and will stop by both Korsnes and Narvik. When the boat was built it was called “Peer Gynt II” but changed its name to “Peer Gynt” probably around 1950.

The boat is a carvel built cutter of 49 feet, and was built at Ramsfjord Båtbyggeri in Kolvereid in 1937. The boat was a rental boat and has sailed along the Norwegian coast from Kristiansund to Kirkenes, and was also later used as Wehrmacht transport in Lofoten, and pilotage, postal and workers’ transport to the ironworks in Mo i Rana.

Read more about “Peer Gynt” HERE (only in Norwegian)

Gammel trebåt "Peer Gynt" til kai, de syv søstre (fjellrekke) i bakgrunnen, sol og blå himmel
“Peer Gynt” with the mountains “De Syv Søstre” (“The seven sisters”) in the background

The boat is currently owned by Knut Krzywinski and has its home port in Bergen. Knut bought the boat in 1973, and from 1985 it came into use as a coastal culture dissemination in Bergen Kystlag.

On 3 June, Peer Gynt began the journey north from Bergen with the Nordland coast as the goal of the trip, which has presented challenges with both boat and weather. Nevertheless, the crew enjoys themselves on board and meets many nice people along the coast.

Good sound of the engine on Peer Gynt

There will be many stages on the journey north, and on several stages people have been able to join as crew. When the boat and crew arrive in Korsnes on June 29th, Korsnes Museum arranges a pier evening with an open museum and the opportunity to board Peer Gynt. The boat will also continue to Narvik.

Naturbilde, hav, fjell, Svartisen isbre, og ripa på gammel trebåt i forgrunnen
Svartisen glacier

Peer Gynt has a long history, and you can hear some of it in this episode of the museum podcast Ekspedert (Only in Norwegian):

Korsnes museum

The venue at Korsnes is an old communication center located in an idyllic area.

Narvik Museum

The spectacular Ofotbanen railway and iron ore trains, Narvik city’s development and industry in addition to travelling exhibits.

More News

Closing seminar of Coastal Memory fort

The Coastal Memory Fort project is coming to an end, and this week there has been a final project meeting and seminar in Lourinhã, Portugal.

Season opening and pier evening at Korsnes

The summer season at Korsnes starts in full swing with family events during the day and pier meetings in the evening this coming Saturday 22 June!

DKS at Keiploftet

For the past three weeks, Ballangen Museum has carried out Geotours with 7th graders from Narvik Municipality. Well over a hundred students have participated in the Geotours that go to Keiploftet in Eiterdalen in Ofoten.