Jennestad Trading Post opens for the summer

24 June 2023

On Thursday 22.6, Jennestad Handelssted opened its doors to visitors. Stop by and see lots of old, whimsical goods from when the trading post bustled with life – here time has stood still after they closed their doors in 1982.

Jennestad has been engaged in trade since the 1800s, which was an important business for the entire local community. Take a tour and learn the history of a bygone era. From floor to ceiling, authentic goods of all kinds are on display. Maybe you can sense the smell of chewing tobacco and coffee as you step into the old pier?

This year, the south side of the pier has been given a new coat of paint, and the walkway around it has been widened so you can walk all the way around. We would also like to welcome our two new summer employees, Ane and Mikael, who had their first day at work on Thursday, and welcome back to Imre and Helena!

In the pier there is also a museum shop, including handicrafts, nostalgic goods, postcards, sweets, local history literature, and other goods with local connections.

Jennestad Handelssted is 10 min. by car away from Sortland center, and is beautifully located by Sortlandssundet. Gallery Jennestad is located in the main courtyard right next door, and is also well worth a visit.

The trading post is open from 22.6-13.8, Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm. Welcome!

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