Summer in Ofoten

05 July 2023

Summer in Ofoten

The vacation season is well underway for many, and there is a lot of traffic on the E6 both northbound and southbound. If you are going to travel on the E6 through Ofoten, you have the opportunity to visit several of our museums in the region!

Narvik Museum
Narvik Museum, gul murbygning med røde detaljer, og lokomotivet El.12, grønt elektrisk lok.
Narvik Museum and the locomotive El.12

Narvik Museum is located in Narvik, right by the E6 that runs through the city.

Narvik Museum tells the story of the Ofotbanen railway construction and operation, the iron ore’s long journey from Kiruna to Narvik’s ice-free harbor and further out into the world, and the development of Narvik city over more than 100 years. We offer pictorial games, models, movies and “train ride” in an authentic motor carriage. The museum also has an exhibition about the electrification of the Ofotbanen railway, in addition to changing traveling and art exhibitions during the year.

Narvik Museum is located in NSB’s former administration building, a monumental brick building from 1902, at the foot of Fagernesfjellet and a short walk from Narvik torv. From the museum park there is an excellent view of the harbour and LKAB’s shipping facilities. Narvik’s hidden jewel can be found in Administrasjonsveien 3.

Opening hours summer season 2023:

Every day from 10 AM to 5 PM

Ballangen Museum
Ballangen Museum, stor, flott og gammel brun trebygning med mange vinduer med fine karmer.
Ballangen Museum

Ballangen Museum is just a few minutes away from the E6 in Ballangen. Here you can learn about the diverse geology and mining history of the area, and the community surrounding the mining industry.

The lifeblood of the community in Ballangen was for a long time the mining industry, and the main theme of the museum is naturally mining history. Through a unique collection of objects, you get an insight into its former glory, as well as peasant culture, school and household. The museum is located in the old administration building of the mining company Bjørkaasen Gruber, a venerable building from 1919, and is worth a visit just for that reason.

Opening hours summer season 2023:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:00 AM – 3 PM from June 26 to August 11.

Korsnes Museum
Fine strender hos korsnes museum
Korsnes Museum

Korsnes Museum is located in an idyllic area with white beaches and lush countryside approx. 6 km from the ferry port at Bognes. Therefore, a trip to Korsnes is perfect if there is a lot of waiting for the ferries.

The facility is an old communications center; There was a trading post, post office, telegraph and steamship calls. The built environment dates from the 1700s?1900s. In the old barn, you will meet the fun-loving and strong-willed photographer Magdalene Norman from Korsnes, who returned to her childhood home as an adult and worked as a mail opener and steamship clerk.

A short walk away, on the neighbouring farm Leiknes, is a famous rock art field from the Stone Age that is 8,000,000 years old.

Opening hours summer season 2023:

24th June to 13th August

Saturdays 12 – 5 PM

Sundays 3 PM – 8 PM

Kjøpsvik Museum
Kjøpsvik Museum med sola bak. sola er på tur å gå ned, og det er skydekket. skyene lager streker i sollyset som ser ut til å gå ut fra bygget.
Hellandbygget på Kjøpsvik Museum

Kjøpsvik Museum is perfectly located if you want to avoid the traffic on the E6, and at the same time experience Stetinden and the beautiful nature around Kjøpsvik, and instead use Highway 827 and the ferry connection Kjøpsvik-Drag.

Kjøpsvik Museum consists of two museum buildings, the Hellandsbygget and the old sheriff’s house. The exhibitions are distributed across both buildings and deal with mining and industrial history, cave finds, fisherman-farming culture and household, war history and education. In 1918, Nordland Portland Cementfabrik (NPC) established its operations in Kjøpsvik, and changed the village completely. The museum has many artifacts associated with the cement factory, and other peculiarities, including a fairly intact 1970s kitchen in the sheriff’s house.

Opening hours summer season 2023:

Saturdays at 10:00 AM – 3 PM from July 1 to August 12.

Welcome to our museums this summer!

Svarthvitt gammelt bilde av en folkevogn og en mann på en gammel ferge på vei inn til Skarberget fergeleie. Fjell i bakgrunnen, sommer
Ferge fra Bognes til Skarberget, 1948. Foto: Trygve Romsloe

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