Sparebankstiftelsen DNB supports sKrei

07 July 2023

ensuring experiences for children and young people

The DNB Savings Bank Foundation supports SKREI with 2 million Norwegian kroner. The funding will go towards ensuring that the exhibitions and dissemination are well adapted to children and young people. The funding is also intended to ensure the use of digital platforms for some of the dissimination.

SKREI will convey what fisheries have meant, mean and will mean for Norway. The cod – the fish that built the country – is the main player in the history. SKREI aims to highlight the connection between humans and marine renewable resources. The Lofoten fishery has had and has an enormous significance for the archipelago, the region and Norway’s cultural heritage.

Hot romance, hard work and sustainability

The cod come to Lofoten to spawn and reproduce. While on the surface of the sea it is hard work for the fishermen, it is in the deep heat of romance. In turn this leads to livelihoods for many. For more than 1000 years Norway have engaged in international trade in cod. We want to continue to do so in the future. SKREI will tell important stories about sustainability, ecology and politics.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle for the design of SKREI. It is also vital in the dissemination that will take place in the area. The million kroner amount that the DNB Savings Bank Foundation supports SKREI with will go towards ensuring that children and young people encounter exhibitions, activities and experiences that are well adapted.

“DNB has been present in Lofoten from the 1950s. During all this time, DNB has been an important partner for the seafood industry. Located in Svolvær, it is in our mission to support the industry with financial service.

We are proud and happy that the Sparebank DNB foundation has decided to support SKREI and in this way help realize the project. To us, it is of the outmost importance that todays and coming generations get an understanding of the seafood industry – not only for the coastal communities but for Norway as a nation. Norway being an important exporter of seafood also makes it important to have visitors to our region gain knowledge of the values created by the fisheries and seafood industry.”

recognition of the work with cod and the importance of reaching children and young people

Geir Are Johansen, director of Museum Nord, is first and foremost grateful. “The fact that the DNB Savings Bank Foundation supports SKREI is a recognition; that SKREI is seen as an important project in the north is of great importance. SKREI will be a value creator, economically and culturally, SKREI will contribute to identity and belonging, SKREI will share knowledge and inspiration in many, including children and young people. This gift, this recognition is really motivating for us who invest in the north”, says Geir Are.

Illustration shows how SKREI will be situated.
SKREI will consist of both ecsisting attractions on the same location (Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, The Espolin Gallery). The new building “Otolitten” will be the navigation wheel toward these attractions, as well as being an attraction on it´s own. Illustration: LPO arkitekter


SKREI is a new experience and knowledge centre that will tell the story of Norway’s most important fish. The centre will be realised in Storvågan outside Kabelvåg, in connection with Museum Nord’s existing units Lofoten Aquarium, Lofoten Museum and The Espolin Gallery. The planned new building “Otolitten” is 5,000 sqm and will house the main exhibition, dining, rooms for changing exhibitions and events, meeting rooms, magazines, conservation workshops, etc. SKREI will tell about the world’s largest cod stock, the incredible spawning migrations of cod and everything it has meant for coastal culture. The project has a total investment framework of NOK 583 million. It is expected 100,000–120,000 visitors a year, with planned opening in spring 2026.  

Skrei, the Arctic Cod, is on the stage in all dissemination on SKREI.

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