Cultural Heritage Days in Storvågan

31 August 2023

On the occasion of the Cultural Heritage Days, the Lofoten Museum will demonstrate traditional local Norwegian bread baked thanks to “new Norwegians” who attend VIO school in Svolvær.

In most cultures, food made from grains has been the basis of the diet. Many varieties of ugjæra and fermented bread are baked all over the world. Traditionally, bread has been baked on regional grains rooted in local food traditions. In modern society, we have also developed a good (!) relationship with other cultures’ bread such as tortilla and baguettes.

Together with course instructor Anne Rød, we will bake with hands and rolling pin, cook on a griddle, talk about bread and eat afterwards. The participants come from Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo and Eritrea. 

en dame lager mat
Anne Røde demonstrate traditional local Norwegian bread baked during cultural heritage days in Storvågan . Foto: Museum Nord

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Lofoten Museum

Get to know the history of the Lofoten fisheries at one of the best-preserved manor houses in the region, with authentic fishermans cabins, traditional wooden boats and a historic garden.

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