Registration session at Sørvågen Radio

04 September 2023

At the end of August, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Sørvågen Radio.

Assembly line registration

The collection management group consists of head of collection, in addition to conservators and collection managers from the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Lofotr Viking Museum, and the museums in Storvågan.

Registrering av gjenstander
An old telephone ready to be photographed at Sørvågen Radio. Photo: Museum Nord

They meet several times a year and do away with registration on assembly lines – this spring they visited the Lofoten Museum. More about that registration session can be read here.

At Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum, much of the artefact collection consists of telecommunications equipment used over the years. During this registration session, phones and Morse devices were recorded and digitized.

See museum objects at digitaltmuseum

On you can explore parts of our collection of objects digitally. Stay tuned, as the collection management group registers and digitizes objects, a select comes to

Objects from Sørvågen Radio can be found here.

screen grab digitaltmuseum
Explore objects from Sørvågen Radio on Photo: Screen grab

Read more about Sørvågen Radio

Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum is open through the summer and a little into the autumn. This year you can visit the museum until September 15. Welcome to a deep dive into local telecommunications history!

Sørvågen Radio

The first wireless Morse signals in Northern Europe were sent from Sørvågen. Theme is the technical, social and cultural development that followed the establishment of
the telegraph in Lofoten.

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