MFA aspirants visited SKREI and SRC

05 September 2023

The MFA aspirants visited SKREI and Skrei Research Center (SRC) on 4 September.

Here they got an insight into the project, the history, present and future of the place, the fisheries and the coastal culture. It is an important part of the education of our next generation of foreign delegates to learn about what the nation is built on and what it can offer the world at large.

en mann holder foredrag
The MFA aspirants visited SKREI and Skrei Research Center (SRC) on 4 September. Photo: Museum Nord

Svein and Jonas gave the presentation before they were allowed to wander the area to see the associated visitor sites in Storvågan; The Lofoten Museum, the Espolin Gallery and the Lofoten Aquarium.

flere mennesker utenfor Lofotmuseet
The MFA aspirants gathered outside the Lofoten Museum. Photo: Museum Nord

Thank you so much for visiting!

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SKREI will be a centre for knowledge and experiences related to the Lofoten fishery and Norway’s most important fish. SKREI extends beyond the confines of a traditional museum.

SKREI Research Center

SKREI Research Center (SRC) is a three-year project to create an infrastructure that coordinates international, interdisciplinary research and knowledge about topics related to the Arctic cod.

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