Skrei Research Centre welcomes the Nigerian senator

18 September 2023

The Skrei Research Center welcomed Senator Abiola Peter Makinde from Nigeria. There have been new elections in Nigeria and the government wants to get acquainted with various commodities that until recently have been on a “FOREX” list.

It is a list of goods that one wants to protect local industry from according to competition. It is particularly important to share knowledge that cod and the Norwegian industry are not a product that exists in Nigerian waters, nor compete with Nigerian industry. Nor can stockfish be produced under climatic conditions that are significantly different from those in Lofoten and Vesterålen, it is also a very important product for Nigeria’s access to protein sources.

Skrei Research Center organised company visits, and Makinde expressed his wish that the Nigerian government should have the opportunity for a similar presentation.

Makinde og Ole Olsen SUFI AS
Foto: Skrei Research Center

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SKREI Research Center (SRC)

SKREI Research Center (SRC) is a three-year project to create an infrastructure that coordinates international, interdisciplinary research and knowledge on topics related to Arctic cod.

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