Boat enthusiasts at Korsnes Museum

19 September 2023

Boat enthusiasts at Korsnes Museum

Saturday 16. In September, a boat-loving group of about 80 people came by sea to visit Korsnes Museum in beautiful September weather.

Utendørs: Brygge, hvitt bolighus, tre gule små hytter, rødt stabbur. Pent vær.

The group that visited the museum was on their annual “Lutefisk trip”, and this year it was Korsnes Museum that was next in line, which was quite suitable as there has long been lutefisk production at Korsnes.

The Korsnes model has new figures this year!

Chef Vegard Stormo served fish soup with freshly caught halibut to the guests, and it was a happy and satisfied bunch who headed back home. Thanks for visiting!

Utendørs: Rød brygge med folk på, småbåthavn, båter som går ut fra havnen. Hvitt bolighus, gule hytter. Pent vær.
Flere båter i stor fart på fjorden, fjell i bakgrunnen, pent vær.

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