SKREI: The demolition of old buildings will soon start

02 October 2023

On the site where the new Otolite building will be erected, the demolition of old buildings will soon begin.

Old Våganheimen will be demolished. There are several buildings on the site. The first ones to be demolished are where the Otolith itself will stand. The last to be demolished is the building that today houses SKREI’s project office.

Sustainability in all parts of the project

It is important for the project to make good sustainability choices also in this phase. Asplan Viak, which via Skrei Eiendom, will manage the demolition. They are also the ones who coordinate the work with the reuse material.

Earlier this fall, a press release announced that much of the demolition materials would be given away. A deadline was set for registering their interest. It is inspiring to see that many people have now expressed interest in the recycled materials! About 50 people have signed up with a request for various building parts and fixtures. A discretionary and fairest distribution as possible will be made where, for example, non-profit organisations will be given priority.

Demolition will begin in October 2023

It is Brekken Anlegg AS that will do the actual demolition work. This starts in October after a commissioning permit has been granted. The demolition of the old building is expected to be completed by December 1. Those who receive recycled materials will be notified in due course where they can be collected.

Bildet viser arbeidshansker og rivearbeid.

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