Giellavahkku – Giellavahkko – Sámi language week

25 October 2023

Giellavahkku – Giellavahkko – Sámi language week

This week, from OCtober 23rd – 29th, the annual Giellavahkku (Northern Sámi) / Giellavahkko (Lule Sámi) / Sámi Language Week is held. The Sámi language week is held annually, and is an initiative from Sámediggi/Sámedigge/The Sámi Parliament on the Norwegian side of Sápmi to highlight and strengthen the Sámi languages and the Sámi culture in society.

Plakat om samisk språkuke med geometriske grafiske elementer med gradient fra guloransj til lilla, med "samisk språkuke" skrevet på de forskjellige samiske språkene, samt svensk, finsk og norsk.

Museums Nord’s museums are located in two different Sámi language areas. Most are located within the North Sámi language area, but both Kjøpsvik Museum, Korsnes Museum and Ballangen Museum are located in the divide or within the Lule Sámi language area.

Plakat med ung mann, samt liste over nordsamiske ord og uttrykk med oversettelse på norsk
Plakat med ung mann, samt liste over lulesamiske ord og uttrykk med oversettelse på norsk

Two posters from the Sámi Language Week showing North Sámi and Lule Sámi words translated into Norwegian

Collaboration with Várdobáiki sámi guovddaŠ /Várdobáiki Sámi Center

This spring, the museums in the Museum Nord department Ofoten started a collaboration with Várdobáiki sámi guovddaš /Várdobáiki Sámi Center at Evenskjer in Tjeldsund municipality. The collaboration involves creating podcast episodes for the department Ofoten’s museum podcast Ekspedert.

The museum podcast Ekspedert deals with history and culture in Ofoten, with both historical events and people, and some contemporary content, and with the collaboration with Várdobáiki the Sámi history and culture in the area is also presented.

Tre kvinner og en mann foran dekorert vegg, smilende mot kamera
Samarbeidspartnere for episoden Durtnos Sámigiella – Markasamisk dialekt, fra Várdobáiki sámi guovddaš /Várdobáiki samisk senter

Durtnos sámigiella – Markasami dialect

This week, Ekspedert published a new podcast episode in collaboration with Várdobáiki sámi guovddaš /Várdobáiki Sámi Center on Durtnos sámigiella – Markasámi dialect in the Ofoten region.

The episode is only in Norwegian. Listen to the episode here:

Podcast collaboration with Várdobáiki

The Ofoten/Narvik Museum department has started a collaboration with Várdobáiki at Evenskjer, where they will be involved in creating episodes for our podcast series “Ekspedert”.

Ekspedert podcast

Deep dive into the history of the Narvik region in our podcast Ekspedert.

More News

Gaia Arctic summit 2024

When the international climate conference Gaia Arctic Summit takes place in Vesterålen in June, it will be with particularly top-heavy speakers on stage. Both Norwegian and international experts will contribute knowledge in various fields – linked to the opportunities that arise around sustainability challenges and the circular economy.

Gaia Workshop and demonstration of Vesterål model

This week, the Gaia Vesterålen team has been working together in Sortland on the completion of a new prototype of the Vesterål model.

Art workshop in Narvik

Narvik Museum was visited by a school class that took part in an art workshop with natural materials, with Kven artist Åsne Kummeneje Mellem.