Large interest in recycled materials

30 October 2023

Great interest in recycled materials

In mid-October, the construction fences came up at the site where the Otholite will come. Alf Brekken Sons is now demolishing the buildings of former “Våganheimen”. Demolition work will continue until December. Then it is ready for material to be reused to be distributed.

Before the demolition, the buildings have been reviewed and everything usable has been extracted and sorted. It has previously been announced that as much as possible of the materials goes to reuse – much to the interest and delight of many!

More than 60 stakeholders have signed up in hopes of acquiring used but usable building materials. It’s great that there’s a large interest in recycled materials. The general manager of Skrei Eiendom AS, Johannes Rørtveit, states in an interview with Våganavisa that it is very great that so many people have an interest in taking care of the values. It’s funny that people see the value in a plank length. When you start calculating, it quickly becomes thousands of dollars. Giving away usable materials is an important and exciting contribution to the SKREI project, which we want to be green and sustainable,” says Rørtveit.

What about the project office and other activities?

Vågar products, which among other things sell firewood and are located for this activity in the buildings that are to be demolished, will eventually move out. Museum Nord has had an ongoing effort to register objects in another of the old buildings. Work on this, in these buildings, has been completed. The project office for SKREI will remain for a while, in the building where this is established. This building will be the last to be demolished, scheduled for 2025.

Bilde som viser utsikt over området til SKREI
Mountain Vågakallen – the view from the upcoming Otholite. Photo: Museum Nord.

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