Looking high and low

06 November 2023

We are now working on the main exhibition in SKREI‘s new central building, called Otolitten (The Otoholit). One goal of the exhibition is to convey the history of the Lofoten fishery and cod from a geographical perspective that extends far beyond Lofoten. We are looking high and low!

Therefore, we are contacting both museums and other research institutions in our search for objects, information and historical contributions related to the topic. We are also establishing contact with museums and other institutions for future cooperation. We are investigating the possibility of any loan or reproduction of artefacts. As part of this work, Museum Nord gathered a number of museums working with coastal culture and fisheries for a professional symposium in Kabelvåg and Henningsvær in April 2023.

Hunting for objects that tell SKREI stories

The permanent exhibitions in Otolitten, the new central building now being designed for SKREI, will tell about the cod and cod fishery from the Stone Age to our own time. The Lofoten fishery and the old Vágar in today’s Vågan will be central. SKREI will also convey the important national and international history associated with the cod fishery.

In addition to history and archaeology, perspectives from both natural sciences and art are included in the exhibitions. The exhibition group is searching high and low for relevant and exciting objects.

Outside Museum North’s own collections

For those working on the exhibitions, this means looking for objects that can convey stories outside Museum Nord’s own collections. Over the past week, the exhibition group and Expology AB have gained an insight into the Institute of Marine Research‘s collection of historical research instruments, located in Bergen.

Many of the instruments have been involved in making new discoveries. This has provided new insights into the life of cod, and in several cases this has happened precisely in Lofoten. Perhaps some of the research instruments will move to Lofoten and SKREI in 2026?

More News

SKREI pilot at Lofotr Viking Museum

On 15 May, the film people in Lofoten Film Collective and exhibition coordinator for SKREI were at Lofotr Viking Museum to film scenes for a pilot. 

Preparing for the season at Korsnes

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Anniversary day in Storvågan!

On May 26th we celebrate Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary with an anniversary day throughout Storvågan!