08 November 2023

After a fantastic trip to Italy, we are left with good experiences and strengthened relations. We are grateful to have been able to help highlight Lofoten and stockfish, all through an artistic lens!

Arena Querini

The 27th ? October 29 in large workshop halls in Arsenale Nord ? In the heart of the historic naval industry in Venice, Italians and visitors alike got to experience food, art, history and music in the “Arena Querini”. The same place as the fantastic Querini opera from Røst performed its performances the same weekend. 

As an important part of Arena Querini, visitors got to experience a unique art exhibition that Gallery Espolin helped create together with Lofoten Art Galleries. 

LAG – Lofoten Art Galleries, a network that promotes local artists and galleries in Lofoten, has collaborated to increase the visibility of galleries in the region and attract travelers. With support from Innovation Norway, LAG has marketed the diversity and creativity that characterizes Lofoten. 

Lofoten art galleries – vENICE

The exhibition was a symbiosis of history and contemporary art, created as a tribute to the connections between Venice and Lofoten, rooted in the incredible story of Pietro Querini. The story of the noble Venetian merchant Pietro Querini and his crew, who were wrecked in the North Sea and wintered on Røst in 1432, led to a special connection between Norway and Italy where stockfish and food culture still play a central role.

Artworks exploring the power of water and the region’s culture and natural beauty were presented. “Garnet” by Cathinka Mæhlum, “From the shoreline to the field” by Inger Anne Nyaas, and Bacalhau” by Ragnhild Lie were among the remarkable works exhibited. As well as “Tempur” by Mette Paalgard and three tapestries by Vebjørg Hagene Thoe; “The continents are rising”, “The 3rd millennium”, and “The continents are changing places”. All the works exhibited were made by artists living in Lofoten or represented by galleries in LAG.

Gallery Espolin showcased “The Ship of Heaven” by the renowned visual artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994). This artwork, a tribute to the region’s rich history and heritage, caught the attention of visitors from all over the world.

Unique arena for seafood, art and culture

It was Arena Querini that presented seafood, art and culture that provided the framework for the event in Arsenale Nord. Here the audience got to experience presentations, cooking and tastings of delicious seafood arranged by Arctic Food with various star chefs. Destination Lofoten ensured that the public got to know the region of Nordland well. With presentations both for Italian travel operators in Milan and for a wide international audience in Arena Querini. Lofoten was well represented. Companies in tourism and culture showed great diversity in what we have to offer in the region.

More News

SKREI pilot at Lofotr Viking Museum

On 15 May, the film people in Lofoten Film Collective and exhibition coordinator for SKREI were at Lofotr Viking Museum to film scenes for a pilot. 

Preparing for the season at Korsnes

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Anniversary day in Storvågan!

On May 26th we celebrate Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary with an anniversary day throughout Storvågan!