SKREI exhibition group visited Bergen

09 November 2023

SKREI exhibition group visited Bergen, to meet colleagues, make contacts and gain inspiration and learning for exhibition development.

Research and shipping

The first item on the program was a meeting at the Bjerknes Centre and presentation of SKREI, followed by a visit to the Bergen Maritime Museum.

At the Maritime Museum we looked at objects that may be relevant to SKREI, and got a great tour of the museum from Bård Gram Økland and Eli Samuelsen. We also talked about thematic areas within the Maritime Museum that can be linked to upcoming dissemination and exhibition in SKREI.

Deep sea and Lofoten horse

The University Museum of Bergen has an exciting and atmospheric exhibition about the deep sea. The exhibition is made in collaboration with the Centre for Deep Sea Research at the University of Bergen. For SKREI’s exhibition group, it is inspiring to see exhibitions that present research dissemination, especially in disciplines that are relevant to SKREI.

A mandatory gourp photo beside the Lofoten horse, who is not from Lofoten but from Bodø. Photo: Universitetsmuseet i Bergen

Bryggen and Fisheries Museum

At Bryggens Museum we got to experience a fairly new exhibition, and a spectacular way to show from many archaeological objects. Our collection manager greatly appreciated this!

The study trip ended at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, and the fisheries exhibition “The adventurous fishing” and “Life under water”. We were excited by the many creative ways the exhibitions speak to children and young people. At the same time, we could say that the activities were just as entertaining for adults!

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Creative Exhibition Workshop

SKREI’s exhibition group met this week for a creative workshop in Storvågan to continue working on a selection of objects and key people for the exhibition concept.

SKREI’s exhibition group on tour

SKREI’s exhibition group visited the capital last week to find inspiration for the exhibition production in Otolith.

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SKREI will be a centre for knowledge and experiences related to the Lofoten fishery and Norway’s most important fish. SKREI extends beyond the confines of a traditional museum.

SKREI Research Center (SRC)

SKREI Research Center (SRC) is a three-year project to create an infrastructure that coordinates international, interdisciplinary research and knowledge on topics related to Arctic cod.

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Rekordbesøks på Gammeldags Jul på Å!

Christmas market at Narvik Museum

Saturday 2. December there was a Christmas market at Narvik Museum, with as many as 19 sales exhibitors with a large selection of sales goods and good Christmas atmosphere!

Great attendance and enthusiasm

What exactly is SKREI? The open information meeting held at the end of November gave the audience many answers.