23 November 2023

GaiaVesterålen arranges courses in clothing repair together with Sortlands Husflidslag, Sortland Museum and Sortland Library. Fikselaugen is arranged as part of the research project The Environmental Contract.

Through the Environmental Contract, several courses in how to live more sustainable and environmentally friendly will be arranged. First out of the courses is repair of clothes, here you will be trained in basic sewing skills and repair of most garments.

The course is arranged together with Sortland Husflidslag, which will lend equipment for the actual repair work, as well as tell a little about what they are doing.

The environmental contract is the UN’s sustainability goals translated into concrete and simple measures that have a measurable effect on nature and the environment in Vesterålen. A large number of Vesterålings from all municipalities in the region have jointly arrived at the measures over the past two years.

Measures for private households are now tested through a website where measures have been taken are registered.

In the test, 29 households spread around the different municipalities in Vesterålen will use everyday opportunities to make an important difference to nature and the environment. The goal is to create a more environmentally friendly everyday life for you and your family. Participants will spend a few minutes on simple measures in their daily lives, and follow their own progress through the period 1 September – 15 December 2023.

The purpose of the pilot period is to test the function and user-friendliness of the Environmental Contract as a web-based app and to gather the participants’ experiences with the various measures.

Read more about the course here: Fikselaug – Free course in repair of clothes

Partners in the environmental contract are Museum Nord, Nordland Research Institute, GaiaVesterålen, Reno-Vest IKS, Deadline Media and Vesterålen ICT.

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