Registration session at Andøy Museum

07 December 2023

The last registration session of the year for our collection management group was held at the Andøy Museum.

This time, objects exhibited in the various exhibition rooms at the Andøy Museum are registered. In the old days, museums often recorded their artifacts in protocols. Today, the objects are photographed and placed in Primus. But the work in the old days was not futile, the protocols come in handy today when we have to find out information about the artifacts.

to mennesker ser i en bok og pc
Ingrid and Markus looks through old protocols during the registration session at Andøy Museum. Photo: Jaroslav Bogomolov

The team that met at the registration session at the Andøy Museum were responsible for the administration, and collection managers from the Lofoten Museum and the Hurtigruten Museum, in addition to colleagues from the Andøy Museum.

This registration session was fourth in a row and the last of the year. Earlier this year, the gang has been to Lofoten Museum, Sørvågen radio and Kjøpsvik Museum. The registration sessions will continue until next year, with visits to other museums.

Read about the previous rounds here:

Assembly line registration

Together with Jaroslav, the collection management group of Museum Nord, has begun a series of registration sessions – simply registration on assembly lines.

Registration session at Sørvågen Radio

At the end of August, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum.

Registration session at Kjøpsvik Museum

Last week, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Kjøpsvik Museum in Ofoten.

Do you wondering what happens behind the scenes when our cool collection managers meet? Check out this reel on our Instagram.

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