GAIA at RESIST meeting in Ålesund

14 December 2023

Dame står foran projeksjon av en digital tvilling.
Last week, GaiaVesterålen and national partners in the RESIST project gathered in Ålesund for the 3rd consortium meeting chaired by AugmentCity. Together with 90 other participants from all over Europe, we participated in in-depth dialogues, workshops and several exciting technological demonstrations. Among the highlights were displays of digital twins, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and innovative early warning systems, which testified to the industry’s commitment and progress in tackling today’s climate challenges.

Through the gathering, we shared knowledge and experiences across the European regions that are part of RESIST. Together with SINTEF, we presented the technological solutions used in the GAIA platform, as well as the data sources behind the projections onto the physical model.

There was also a live broadcast from the model’s residence at Øksnes Museum in Vesterålen. We presented the development of the technological solutions and how the GAIA platform can be applied to different target groups. There was good engagement around the show and we received a lot of good feedback from the audience.

All RESIST partners from Vesterålen were present during the gathering, with representatives from GAIA Vesterålen, Vesterålsrådet and Andfjord Salmon.

What is RESIST?

RESIST deals with climate change adaptation based on different rural regions in Europe. The project is being carried out through Horizon Europe and has received the largest EU grant for a Norwegian-led climate project with total funding of NOK 273 million

The project focuses on supporting at least 150 European regions, cities and local authorities by 2030 in their efforts to build resilience to the impacts of climate change. RESIST will engage so far twelve European regions with different socio-economic profiles that will test adaptation solutions to five key climate challenges: floods, droughts, heatwaves, forest fires and soil erosion. Vesterålen plays a key role here.

Read more about the RESIST research project here.

Below is a video with highlights from the meeting:

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