Over 100 000 visited museumnord.no

03 January 2024

Over 100,000 visited museumnord.no during 2023, specifically 102,016.

That’s a new record for the site, and an increase of 45% from 2022. The increased traffic is partly due to the fact that we have succeeded in creating a website with relevant and relevant content for visitors.

museumnord.no was revitalized in 2021 with an updated design and content structure, and upgrades have been made continuously as needed. One of the things we are most pleased with is that we can share stories, museum objects and articles with readers. In addition to the event calendar with activities and events from all museums.

Thanks to you who read museumnord.no! We promise to continue to deliver rich, fun and professional news, stories and much more in 2024 as well.

More News

Museum North at conference for creative industries

Museum Nord was present at a conference for creative industries in Harstad in June 2024.

Opening and pier evening at Korsnes

Opening and evening at Korsnes – Over a hundred people stopped by Korsnes Museum on Saturday June 22nd

Closing seminar of Coastal Memory fort

The Coastal Memory Fort project is coming to an end, and this week there has been a final project meeting and seminar in Lourinhã, Portugal.