Art gift from Australia

05 January 2024

art gift from Australia

Narvik Museum has received a fantastic art gift all the way from Australia! The gift is a work by the local artist Trygve Thorsen from 1941.

Foto av maleri av fire menn som arbeider med tønner og esker med fisk
Trygve Thorsen 1941

Trygve Thorsen (1892-1964) was born in Arendal and came to Narvik with his family when he was ten years old. His father established his own business in the city. Thorsen studied photography at the age of 15, and later attended Den Kgl. Tegneskole in Kristiania, the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Industry and the Academy of Fine Art. He went on study trips to Germany and Italy. Thorsen worked as a drawer, painter and sculptor.

Lekende barn, av Trygve Thorsen

Thorsen has executed a large number of portrait busts and reliefs, represented in a large number of collective exhibitions, several solo exhibitions, the Autumn Exhibition and Nord-Norsken, most recently in 1982.De most famous sculptures in Narvik are Rallaren in Gubrandsen’s Park, The Seaman in Harbour Park and Lekende barn (Playing children) on the Market Square etc.

Narvik Museum is already the owner of one of Thorsen’s paintings and the sketches for the work Lekende barn, which can be seen in the museum’s exhibition until mid-March. Narvik Museum sends a big thank you to the donor in Australia!

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