Object of the Week 2024

05 January 2024

Object of the Week 2024

Object of the week 2024 is a collaborative project with support from Nordland County Council, between several of the museums in Nordland: Narvik War Museum, Museum Nord, Nordlandsmuseet, Helgeland Museum and Árran Lule Sami Center.

Illustrasjonsbilde med teksten Teksten Ukas objekt Arran lulesamisk senter Helgeland museum museum nord narvik krigsmuseum nordlandsmuseet med støtte fra nordland fylkeskommune på blå bakgrunn

The year 2024 is the year of the Capital of Culture, and every week throughout the year, the museums in the collaborative project will showcase objects from our diverse collections. Each museum has “its weeks” where an object will be presented on the museum’s website and social media, while the other museums share the object of the week on their own social media.

Photo: Jaroslav Bogomolov

The objects that will be presented throughout the year are from many different object groups and with different themes. Stay tuned every week to see this week’s object!

Narvik War Museum is the first with this week’s object for week 1: Candlestick from Bones in Salangsdalen

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