Sami week in Vågan

05 February 2024

Celebration of Sami week in Vågan

In and around Kabelvåg and Svolvær there will be a large cultural event with many activities and cultural offers for young and old, inside and outside, all day on Sami National Day on 6 February. Things will also happen several days that contribute to it being a Sami theme week.

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Tone Elvebakk will have a lecture about Tore Hund’s ?ehporis (leather collar / trap) Friday 9 February at 18.00. The lecture will be at Gallery Espolin.

Tegning av mann med spyd

Várdobáiki Sami Center has recreated Tore Hund’s ?ehporis (leather collar/trap). The project has focused on Sami presence, society, faith and interaction in the Viking Age.

Kvinne i samisk drakt

Tone Elvebakk is from the Sami village of Duorga/Snubba and is employed as a museum consultant at Várdobáiki Sami Center and works to promote Sami language and culture. Tone also works as a duodje consultant at Duodjeinstituhtta Nordland, with the whole of Nordland as her catchment area.

Welcome to exciting lectures!

The Espolin Gallery

Master of Norwegian art. Immerse yourself in artist Kaare Espolin Johnson’s expressive power and explore the life and destiny of coastal people.

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On Tuesday 27 February, Ballangen Museum was visited by an energetic group of kindergarten children from a local kindergarten in Ballangen.

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