Exhibition renewal – how do we do it?

09 February 2024

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal for the next five years: all exhibitions will be renewed. But how do we do that?

R&D and the management group of Museum Nord were gathered at Narvik Museum  to work together on exhibition renewal this week. Exhibition renewal is at the heart of our new strategic plan!

narvik museum vinter
Narvik Museum was the arena for the seminar. Photo: Museum Nord

Why do we do exhibition renewal?

The world is changing after the pandemic, more and more prominent climate crisis and war in Europe. Together we are at a crossroads, and museums must redefine what it means to be socially relevant. For Museum Nord, this means during the strategy period that we use the challenge of old exhibitions as an opportunity for a comprehensive renewal that takes us and our guests into the future. We communicate how to learn from the past, we offer safe, research-based knowledge and we make ourselves relevant with more activity on site, more reflection and more focus on children and young people. 

Many exhibitions are old, outdated, and in need of upgrading. With better guidance and focus on quality, many visitor sites in Museum Nord can be improved, making the backlog of exhibition renewal and maintenance manageable.

Read more about how we plan to work with exhibition renewal in our strategy plan.

The next 5 years

There’s a bit of a cabal going up. 21 museums where everything from large projects and new construction to minor upgrades of permanent exhibitions takes place. We have not reached the finish line with the planning, but we have come a long way.

Visit to Narvik War Museum

We also stopped by Narvik War Museum for inspiration and conversation about how they think and work with exhibition renewal. Thank you so much for the fun and informative guiding, Alf!

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